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    Moving from Goodlink to BES (Basic Questions)


    We currently have about 100 Goodlink users and we are in the process of moving to Blackberry with a BES server. After reading some posts I have a few questions about how folders synchronization works.

    On Good I can view all of my email folders/subfolders and when I move a file on my Treo it is automatically updated in my Outlook. If I delete an email on my Treo, it is removed from my Outlook.

    Same works the other way, If I move an email from my Inbox to Folder1, it moves on my Treo.

    This is all done without ever docking my Treo.

    From reading some posts, that is not always the case on BB. Is this a function of setup?

    Some of the posts, I'm sure are for non-BES users, I just want some more information. Our sales rep says its the same, but sales rep's aren't always the most reliable source for information.

    We want users to have basically the same experience they have now.


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    First, understand a big difference between Good and BlackBerry.

    Good Synchronizes between the device and the Mailbox. That is, it is a copy of the Mailbox.

    BlackBerry Reconciles between the Mailbox and the device. That is, it sends emails to the device, and allows certain operations to be performed at both ends - namely reads and deletes, but you have control over the operations. That is, you can set the device to mark emails as read on the Mailbox when you read them on the BlackBerry (wireless reconcile is enabled), or not. Deletes can be turned on, off, or you can be prompted for each delete.

    Now, for your question. By default, only the Inbox (and Sent Items) are reconciled with the BlackBerry. However, if you go into Messages --> Options --> Email Settings, hit the [Menu] button and select Folder Redirection, you will be presented with a tree with Desktop at the top, and Mailbox... below it. Highlight the Mailbox, hit the Menu button and select Expand to display all mail folder directly under the mailbox. You should now see both Inbox and Sent Items as well as any other Mail folders (except Drafts) with boxes to the left, and check marks in the boxes next to Inbox and Sent Items. You can scroll to any unchecked box and hit [Space] to enable reconciliation with that folder.

    Emails that are in folders other than the Inbox appear in the Messages list with Folder icons rather than Mail icons. When a message is selected or open, you can hit Menu and select File to move it to another folder - even one that is not monitored (checked).

    We tend to use Over The Air (OTA) setups as much as possible for the almost 5,000 BlackBerry users we support, so I'm not as familiar with its setup using Desktop Manager, but it's available there too.

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    Couple of other notes from the client side:
    1. If you have Messages->Options->General Options->Hide Filed Messages:yes, the messages with Folder icons JerryD mentioned "disappear" from the Messages list once they've been read. You can always see them with Messages->View Folder->(select folder)

    2. Good showed you messages in the Deleted Items folder-a BES device doesn't. They are still in Outlook Deleted Items, but you can't see them on the device and that folder isn't selectable in Folder Redirection. Seeing/searching deleted messages looks like it will be possible with the pending 4.5 OS release.

    3. If you move messages in Outlook to an offline folder, those changes don't always seem to be reflected on the BB device. In my experience, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't - haven't really figured out the pattern. It may be just a sync failure and since I have Messages->Options->Email reconciliation:Mailbox wins, the changes aren't reflected on the device after the move. This thread prompted me to switch it to Handheld wins, so we'll see if that clears it up.

    4. If I remember right, Good didn't have any way to sync to offline folders. You sort of can with a BES device, but only one offline folder and only by a wired sync - not OTA.

    5. On the Treo, there was a way to have both the Good Contacts as well as the Palm Contacts db. Don't believe you can have two Address Books on the BB.

    As an IT user for a Fortune 500, not an admin, I'd suggest you have a small set of pilot users so you can get a common set of Options defined if you want to have "as close to Good as possible" kind of experience for your users. I'd guess you've already started that since you are doing the research. As a user, thanks for that.
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    Forgot to mention that BES has a definite advantage over Good in that it supports intranet web access without separate transcoding. Even on a small screen, referencing an internal web site while mobile is a big plus for me.
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