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Good Afternoon Hayden I need your assistance.. I have two BES' running both pointing to ... Server Admins forum

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    Moving BES users between servers


    Good Afternoon Hayden

    I need your assistance..
    I have two BES' running both pointing to a remote SQL2000 database. One BES is for testing /DR.
    I currently have two users on it

    My main BES (with 578 users) is in the same location as the SQL server... The company is shutting off the power for 12 hours to do electrical upgrades..

    I need to move my users to the test BES thats easy and I can do that before the power goes out ..... My problem.. we currently do not have a DR SQL server. I need the database....

    If we do a backup and restore..

    Can I install Full SQL on the same server as the BES software>?
    Can I restore a full SQL database to MSDE on the BES... ?

    Can you suggest what to do in this situation????


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    Re: Moving BES users between servers

    The problem is you probably will have to setup a new BES. The issue is to point it to the new SQL server that you have on that box. I would do the new install. You should be able to copy the database in SQL to the new server. What we have done is our BES is Virtual and this allows us to move it around as needed. You can download the tool to do it for free and use the free version of the software on This would allow you to keep it all together as it. If you have any questions about going virtual pm me. I'll get you all that I can. The thing with this is, is the equipment sitting on the same network segment or different? That is the only thing but, you should also be able to change the ip address of the server and get it to work. Going virtual is great, it allows for ease of movement and less downtime.


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    Re: Moving BES users between servers

    I would install a full SQL instance on the DR server. It may not perform as well with that kind of load but will provide the least difficult solution. You also eliminate odd compatibility problems since you know it will work with your SQL server. I have never heard of restoring a SQL database to MSDE.
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    Re: Moving BES users between servers

    Hey MWPatterson, we're going to move onto VMware in the next time. Is there something special to consider besides the normal move procedure like going onto a new machine ?


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