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Ok here is the scenario. Taking over a company that has BES for Novell with ... Server Admins forum

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    Moving BES from Novell to Exchange


    Ok here is the scenario. Taking over a company that has BES for Novell with 20 licenses. Once the take over occurs, Novell will be going away and Exchange will be taking its place. What is the proper way to port this BES and its licenses into an exchange environment. Also the BES right now is in somewhat of a dormant state, it isn't being used at all. I read some posts about a migration kit but I don't know if that is for me. Any advice would be appreciated


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    You do not need the migtration kit, from what I am getting from your post, you will be creating new AD/Exchange accounts for all users and this would be the easiest.
    All you have to do is get the SRP and Auth Key out of your new BES server. Then remove BES completely, BES for exchange is a different installation than novell. I will restate that you copy th SRP and Auth key before you nuke the old system.
    Install the Exchange edition on the same or a new BES server, make sure that you have your Exchange up and running when you do this. Then complete the installation.
    Assign the users from AD.
    You are complete(Ther are more smaller steps that I did not go through), if you have any questions pm me.

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