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    mms sending and recieving problems


    Oh hi there i had a problem which had been bugging me for the last 3 weeks i have a noika asha 302 mobile phone i had the ability to send and receive mms but now i cant any more although my friend has the same mobile but it can send mms ive tried other mobile phone but it also had my same problems i dont know if this is my hand set problem or a problem in the service provider connection .. this problem as i said happened in the recent last 3 weeks till now i dont have a clue of what is going on ... i would appreciate ur help very much

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    Sounds like your APN settings may have gotten messed up. Check the settings on your friends phone and make sure yours are the same.

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    Welcome Cobra. I hope you´l enjoy PinStack.
    IMO it´s not your handset. The initial setup of the phone, which includes the automatic sms and mms settings via your carrier could be the problem.
    For two possible reasons. 1) The setup didn´t configure the settings properly or 2) your card needs to be renewed.
    Contact your carrier for help first, explain the problem, possibly update the card and it will redefine your settings. If you choose not to do this, then reset your phone (be sure to back everything up) and see if the boot reloads the correct settings.
    Good luck. Let us know.

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