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Hi all, I wonder if you can help.... When I create a meeting from my ... Server Admins forum

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    Meeting Invites not working


    Hi all,

    I wonder if you can help....

    When I create a meeting from my BB 8300 or even 8700, and opt to send invites to contacts, it doesn't quite work right.

    Sure enough, the invitees get the email inviting them, but all they is loads of text parameters within the body of the email.

    The desktop clients get an attachment, they can open this and click import and it seems to add the meeting.

    But, if the invite goes out to BB users, all they get is the text junk and no attachment or option to accept the meeting invite.

    There must be something wrong cos I'm sure the all the text stuff shouldn't even be there in the first place.

    I've got a BES 4.0.7 and using Lotus Domino.

    Anyone else had this before or am I on my own? :-(

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    Re. Meeting Invites

    Have experienced this little problem myself, in my case it was caused by the addresses of the invitees being taken from my personal address book rather than the corporate one. Their internal address was therefore being converted into an external address and sent the invite as an external email (ie. puts rather than an address within the domain xxxxxx/xxxxxxx), hope this helps.

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