CTIA Wireless 2008 - Apr. 2, 2008 Mailtrust(TM), a leading business-class email hosting specialist and a division of Rackspace(R), today announced that its flagship business-class email product, Noteworthy(R) can now be synchronized with Blackberry. For the first time ever, 85,000 businesses and 700,000 Noteworthy users throughout the world can coordinate all of their contacts, calendar events, and tasks between their Blackberry handhelds and their Mailtrust hosted email client.

Previously, those that were both Mailtrust and Blackberry users had to manage the two separate systems; however, now with sync capabilities, all data is centralized, synchronized, and always up to date. Although this is not new for many Blackberry users that run Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), Mailtrust customers who do not use BES or Exchange can also enjoy some of the same features, making Noteworthy/Blackberry sync a perfect combination.

"We see the addition of sync capabilities to be vital in demonstrating our commitment to business-class email. For our business email users, mobility ability is a definitive growing need and Blackberry is the corporate standard when it comes to email mobility," said Pat Matthews, president of Mailtrust. "In an increasingly mobile world, this is essential because now, regardless of location, our customers can view their contacts, calendar, and task lists, add to them, and have the peace of mind that all of their data will be available when they return to their desks."

With Noteworthy/Blackberry sync capabilities, Mailtrust customers will now have the majority of the important Blackberry functionality without having to use Microsoft Exchange or Blackberry Enterprise Server in the background. To utilize this functionally, users need only to install a simple-to-use plug-in on their Blackberry devices, configure their options and set the device to auto-sync at specific intervals and the functionality is immediately available.

Mailtrust, which recently changed its name from Webmail.us to highlight business-class email as the core of the company's service offering, does also offer Managed Microsoft Exchange Hosting, giving their customers a choice of platforms depending on their size, functionality and budgetary needs. Visit the new site at http://www.mailtrust.com.