We are running BES / Microsoft Exchange 2003 / Outlook 2003/2007 .
We have a problem with Oracle workflow email approvals for the Oracle e-business suite 11.
It generates a HTML message back to a pre-defined address in the form of a mailto: link for approval.

The problem is that the link is broken. Our Blackberry 7100, 8100, 8700, and 8800s render
the email with the link correctly up to a space then it breaks.

Meaning it looks something similar to this (please add "m" in front of the mailto, the ... represents
more coded characters)

< ...%0A %0Z...%5d>

BB highlights as a clickable/actionable function from mailto all the way to the %0A, then it sees
the space and does not include the rest of the link. But that is the most important part!

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.