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    Question Lotus Notes Mail AND Outlook Calendar: Can you DO that???


    [FONT='Century Gothic']I have a question regarding a User who recently received a BlackBerry. For quite some time he has been keeping his address book and calendar via MS Outlook on his laptop. He has asked if it is possible to synchronize these two items and have only his Lotus Notes mail sync live with the BES. (He had been doing this with his iPAQ.) [/FONT]
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    [FONT='Century Gothic']Obviously I understand he is unable to sync his Outlook items via our Lotus Notes supported BES, but I guess my question would be: ‘Is there a way to shut off the calendar/address book for Lotus Notes on the BES (for this single user) and then have the user locally install BlackBerry Desktop Manager so he can sync Outlook Calendar and Contact items?’ [/FONT]

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    Yes, turn off calendar and contact redirection. I'm trying to remeber und which category it is, but in the BES double click on the user and change them to none or false.

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    To turn off Address book synchronization, if you had enabled it before
    1. Open Blackberry Manager
    2. Double click on the user name to see 'properties' window
    3. Under "PIM Sync" section
    4. Scroll down to "Address Book" and set 'synchronization enabled' option to 'False'
    As for the calendar I don't think you want to turn off sync as in Lotus Notes calendar is part of the mail database and when mail synchronization is enabled by default so is wireless sync of calendar.

    If you have any further questions let me know.

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