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Hi All, Not sure if this is the correct forum and dont want to break ... Server Admins forum

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    Hi All,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum and dont want to break any "rules" but being that this is a BES page and includes Admins... am hoping for some help!

    Here is my issue/story:
    I work for a pharma company and we run off of Lotus Notes/Domino email etc.
    My ISSUE is that I changed laptops and my earlier laptops nsf. mail file was corrupted... I need to get my address book onto my Lotus and when I do so I have tried 2 routes and both unsuccessful.

    I have my full contact list in my bberry 8900.

    Issue 1) For whatever reason, I cannot connect to the server on BBDTM (desktop mgr). I have asked my IT (which sits in India) and they said it cannot connect.. not sure if this is true or why it cant. When I enter my pass it says server not specified correctly - It is the correct server that we run off and IT wont assist beyond their cannot connect comment.

    Issue 2) If I try to synch up, the BBDTM says there is nothing found to sync when I attempt the address book...

    Although it syncs my calendar and everything else.
    If not, I will have to manually go thru and enter 100's of them which is insane.

    Please help! Feel free to PIN
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    Hi Xlaurx,

    Thanks for your question. I too work for pharma company on Lotus Mail...and happen to be a BES admin. Let's see if we can help you out. You should be able to connect your device to desktop manager and take a backup of your address book on the device. Are you sure you've entered server name of your BES server and NOT your home mail server?

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    You could also unistall DTM and reinstall just to make sure you input the right server name.

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