I got asked this morning by one of our Network Security (*ahem) people to have a look at the IT Policies on our BES, as it was his opinion that the IT Policies were not being applied to all our users automatically every 24 hours as has been previously set on the BES, so I duly took a look.

So it looks like despite my esteemed colleagues "expert" opinion, the IT Policies are being sent and applied successfully this has been confirmed by sending an IT Policy to my handheld, checking that it has applied correctly, then comparing the time with the IT Policy Time on BES, which shows to be 12 days out from the handheld, so in this case the field header is showing the IT Policy as being applied 6/18/2010 8:34:05 AM - Applied Successfully, but then when I look down to the device properties section it shows the IT Policy as being applied 6/29/2010 10:39:19 AM - Applied Successfully.

I'm just hoping to get some idea as to why this is happening, BES details:

BES 4.1.7 MR3 on Exchange
Microsoft server 2003