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    IT policy applied automatically


    I am a new BES administrator and I dont have any access to the SQL server. I am responsible for applying the IT policy to devices. Recently we have noticed that the policy is being applied on its own and I dont know why. RIM said it is impossible. They said because we have two policies (default and admin) that people will remain on default until someone physically applys the admin policy. I am being blamed for applying the policy but I know I didnt. One person received the policy at 5am on Saturday morning. Has anyone else every had this problem? Any suggestions on what I should look for?

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    Re: IT policy applied automatically

    I have noticed that the policy's are sent down about every 90 days. I do not know if that is a default or what is set up on our site.

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    Re: IT policy applied automatically

    Shagalon, for BES 4-1 and above.

    Using the BES manager select the server you want to manage. Select the server configuration Tab, select edit properties, in the dialog that appears select IT Admin you should now see the policy resend interval time.

    Set this to 0 to disable auto resends or to a multiple of 24 e.g. 168 for once a week at the same time.

    In the individual IT policy editing options there is also an option to turn off handheld alerts of policy updates in the common policy group so users don’t know they have been updated or changes made.

    On my BES I have 9 IT policy types for different devices and user options and send a policy refresh out every Sunday to all users. No one has ever commented on updates because they are not aware of what happens.

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