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Good morning all: I currently use BIS with my 8830 (Telus Mobility customer) and Outlook ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Is BES necessary with MS Exchange?


    Good morning all:

    I currently use BIS with my 8830 (Telus Mobility customer) and Outlook 2003. The organization I work for is testing MS Exchange and if everything goes well they will deploy it.

    I am hoping that with MS Exchange I will be able to sync my calendar and email more effectively. One of the downsides of BIS is after I read an email on my 8830 the laptop is unaware of it so it shows the same email as unread.

    Will MS Exchange fix this?

    Are there advantages to using BES in conjunction with MS Exchange? How about pitfalls, any? And is BES necessary when MS Exchange is used?

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    In order to sync everything wirelessly, yes, you will need BES as well.

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    The biggest advantages to the BES are you instantly receive emails, you can access personal folders and file messages directly from the BB. Your calendar is wireless and calendar invites can be sent and accepted directly from the device.

    We have had zero issues with our BES running on MS Exchange and greatly enjoy the convenience of OWA (Outlook Web Access) and keeps you more in-sync all the way around.
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