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Hi, I'm trying to setup my blackberry (and others) as a way to connect to ... Server Admins forum

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    IP Modem Question



    I'm trying to setup my blackberry (and others) as a way to connect to our network (like an air card). I've followed the instructions, but I am needing to enable the IP Modem functionality on my BES. I dont know where to do this, or if I have to make a policy. Any ideas? Useing BES 4.1.2


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    Re: IP Modem Question

    Do you have the service turned on with your service provider for PAM (Phone as Modem) Service?. I have turned it on for people where I work and all we had to do was call our provider and have it added to the plans. There is usually a fee for it too, Verizon charges $15 and Sprint's is free with my plan. I did not have to set it up as a policy on any of our phones.

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    Re: IP Modem Question

    There is an option in the BES server known as "Disable IP Modem". The default value is false; meaning it is enabled. If your admin has specifically turned this on, then you may have to disable it, otherwise the IP modem is enabled by default.
    Most admins use just one policy known as 'default'... but you need to check.

    Goto Blackberry manager in BES (on server).
    Click on Left pane on the server name.
    Right click on the same node and navigate to IT policy Default.
    A dialog should open with the policies. Select the one you want to modify (there may be only one or more dependant on what your admin has setup)
    Click edit, navigate the list box, the Disable IP modem.... is quite down in the long list.

    Hope it helps...

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