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Hi there, I just installed 4.1.5 SP5, and now i am no longer getting updates ... Server Admins forum

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    Installed 4.1.5, then lost connectivity to BES


    Hi there,

    I just installed 4.1.5 SP5, and now i am no longer getting updates from the BES to users devices. I am running Server 2003.

    When the users try to send messages from their devices, they get the check mark that it has gone, but then a couple hrs later, it turns to a red X. But the message does go though, and is received on the other end.

    I have restarted the BES Server, i have reset the devices, i have removed the users from the BES then readded them. i have sent new service books. Nothing!

    I went through all my permissions of the BESADMIN account to make sure the send as permissions were right, and i dont see anything out of place or undone.

    In Application Event Viewer i am getting the 20406 error. There is an article KB13707 regarding this, but i am not getting the associated 5305 or 5202 errors, so I am not convinced this applys to my case.

    Ideas anyone about what might be the problem?

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    I had an issue where my BBs weren't sending mail for almost 3 hours, but then everything started working again. RIM tech support originally thought I had a corrupted MAPI profile but that wasn't it. Have you looked at this?

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