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Hi guys, We have a BES server and i want to know how the yahoo ... Server Admins forum

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    How does yahoo/msn work with BES


    Hi guys,

    We have a BES server and i want to know how the yahoo and msn messengers work with it. If i send a message on my BB to my mate via yahoo does that go from my BB to the BES then to him or does it go stright to him via the internet etc.

    Appreciate any help!


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    just ask
    As far as I know there wouldn't be any BES involvement whatsoever with Yahoo or MSN IM services. This is something that just goes straight through the internet. I have never seen it done but I'm sure there could be a possibility for an IT Policy to be written on a user to be able to record possible SMS and IM messages etc from your phone as long as the BES is connected to your Blackberry nothing is private on your device.

    This is why I always paid attention to what kind of IT Policy was on my device at all times just to be sure and even then there is a possibility that the BES Admin could change the IT policy all together but one would never really know unless they knew the contents of the actual IT Policy itself.
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    It is possible for an admin to force all traffic through the bes server and thus be able to log all in coming and out going messages. This is the configuration I have set up in my network.
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