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I expect a lot of you were already in IT and just got told "Here, ... Server Admins forum

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    How did you wind up as a BES admin?


    I expect a lot of you were already in IT and just got told "Here, you get to run this now too."

    I'm sure some of you have some interesting stories, though, so let's hear 'em. Is there RIM training, or did you just get parachuted in? Any ways to learn BES besides shelling out megabucks for a corporate license?

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    My company decided one day that they wanted to add Blackberries. I was already the Exchange guy. It was an apparently logical progression.

    There was no RIM training.

    I don't know if there an option to download a demo version of the BES software or not. To tell the truth, if you can handle Email and Phones in General, then you can handle the BES. I never had any training. I just read the guides, and installed it and set it up.

    Then, when people get issues every now and then, I post to forums first, and then call AT&T.

    I know that I could probably be better at this with certification training, but I doubt the company sees that. We have only 50 Blackberries, none of which are assigned to me, LOL. I think that's a bigger troubleshooting issue than anything else.
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    At my old job, I got handed the job of handling all the phones in the company. From ordering, initial setup, training, and service after the user got the device .... Any mobile device came across my desk first.

    We had a BES already, so I updated it from whatever pitiful version they were running and learned the thing.

    I wasn't officially trained on how to use it, but pinstack was there for most of my issues, although at that time the BES Admin section of the forum was usually lacking anyone willing to spend any time to help you out.

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    After our exchange server borked I was asked to take care of the blackberry devices and get the execs back to mobile computing. Other than the basic server install I didn't manage the devices that often. However, ever since the crisis I've been the BES admin and haven't looked back. No official training, just trial and error, WES and the Web.
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    We had a BES server before I came around to my work. Setting up may be different but running the server is a cake walk.
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    I work at medium business and I Buy, setup and maintain... The company network including domain controllers, Communications hardware and software, warranty, MS exchange server, Websense server, ESX server, Terminal server(s), Laptops and desktops, Printers and faxes including remote locations, BES and all mobile communications, about 50 site to site VPN and RDP connections, digital persona authentication system, Misc servers, Inventory, Company backup and my daily tasks and users support.
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    No training and first time at WES this year. Pinstack helped a lot when I started but tend to check other sites more. I'm in the Telecom group where I work and just took on the role. When I started it seemed the BES wasn't used to it's full potential so I started digging.
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    I got thrown into running the BES when our company bought it, thinking it could be attached to our mailserver, which is Postfix. Ack! I then go tthe added joy of learning to set up not only an exchange server, but a whole fake ad domain simply to make the server work. Nightmare, really, but I have had far more problems with the Active Directory, and exchange than anything else. The T2 Support was particularly disappointing.

    I really look forward to the day that you can attach this server to a more mainstream mailserver - the world is moving that way, IMHO.


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    The BESadmin took another position in the company so I took over. Having T3 support was a huge help, plus the forums.

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    I staqrted at a place that already had one and I got thrown into it since I was willing to trouble shoot the problems. Have not looked back. Now I am at a fortune 500 company and designed our 5.0 environment and implementing next week after I get back from vacation. If anyone needs anything pm me and I will get back to ya with my pin to help out.

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    I became a administrator after working with two consultants, one a Palm user and another a windows mobile user. they opt to not deal with blackberry issues, as a blackberry BIS user of 5 years, i learned the basics of BES, and now i'm managing blackberries for one company so far.

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    I've been doing PBX's for years and picked up mobile devices somewhere along the way which turned into PBX admin plus BES admin. When I go to look for my next job i'll be erasing Blackberry completely off my resume. I don't want it anymore!

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