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I bought a blackberry and added my personal email hotmail account on BIS. I then ... Server Admins forum

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    hotmail on BIS then added co. email to BES. hotmail email now on BES/BIS?


    I bought a blackberry and added my personal email hotmail account on BIS. I then added work email/calendar/contacts via BES.

    Is my hotmail email account now on BES? Was it reset? Is ALL DATA on BES?! (including Blackberry Instant Messenger Messages?!) How can I tell?!

    I thought/think my hotmail account is on BIS and have been engaging in employment flirtation - which my company would fire me if they knew I was looking. So really need to know what hotmail account is on. I cannot ask the BES-admin or he would go see why I want to know.

    I appreciate any help you can offer!

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    That link doesn't answer your question directly but does have links that may. From what I recall being explained, the BES is capable of recording all activity on a BB if the IT has enabled the proper settings in the IT Policy. Some of the BES experts can provide better details but I have heard constantly since being originally trained by RIM on selling BB's that company units (any unit accessing the BES) has no true privacy from the company. It all depends on what the BES IT has activated in the IT Policy for recording and logging.


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