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BlackBerry Enterprise Server... I'm hesitant... On my backup server, I just installed Microsoft Windows 2000 ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Hesitation...


    BlackBerry Enterprise Server... I'm hesitant...

    On my backup server, I just installed Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP4, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Trial, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0 Trial. -- What a mess!!

    After spending a couple of hours configuring Exchange Server to work with my mail server, it successfully deleted my e-mail without asking me, first. Luckily, I already backed up my mail. Then, Exchange began working OK.

    Next, installing BES was easy. Configuring it was painful... It didn't like my proprietary cryptographic keys. It removed the Cingular Browser from my 7290, and deleted software that it said was not necessary. (I backed up the BlackBerry!) Setting up E-Mail became a one-way street, for some reason. Any E-Mail I sent out on the BlackBerry stayed in BES, while E-Mail received was Pushed to my handheld.

    After spending a few hours getting BES to work, successfully, I decided to look at the resources on the system... It is too low... Then I realized that I needed a more powerful machine. A 500 MHz PIII 128MB RAM and 60 GB Hard Drive runs Windows 2000 Server like a turtle.

    So, I decided to trash the Windows 2000 Server and re-install my Linux server, which runs perfectly well.

    As for my business, I am already making a budget for a new system for software development. No immediate plans for new server hardware, besides, the Linux server runs fast, however, my BlackBerry can't talk with it. BES doesn't run with CrossOver Office 5 Pro. Neither does the Blackberry Desktop Manager or Blackberry Handheld Manager.

    Though BES is a great server, it cannot work in a Linux environment. It will cost me $$$$ to have BES running. I prefer to have the $$$$ used for software development.


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    Re: Hesitation...

    500 MHz PIII 128MB RAM? My laptop is a year only and has 512MB ram and p4... and i think it's ancient?

    I think only so much can be ask of BES as far as what it runs on.

    Good luck!

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