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    Help needed with connecting to BES


    Hi - just wondering if there is any way to connect to work email via personal blackberry if IT will not assign you a BES password? is there any way around this? I recently changed jobs, and have become so used to relying on my bberry for work emails and calendaring. New employer will not provide bberrys to anyone under VP level, but I've heard that people have hooked up their personal ones. It is not supported, however and IT will not provide a password. I am desperate - help!

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    That depends on your mail environment. If its exchange and you have owa access, you can set it up from your subscriber site. Just enter your email, but skip entering your password. You will be promoted to renter your password or enter the settings yourself. Select to enterhe settings. The just follow the prompts. You will need the URL for the owa site, your username, possibly with the domain, your password and mailbox name (usually the same as your username, or email address). Good luck!

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