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help out a fellow admin.. I created and push out an IT policy last week. ... Server Admins forum

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    Question help


    help out a fellow admin..

    I created and push out an IT policy last week. actually just required alot of the 400 users are forgetting the darn psswords.

    I need a good system to verify identity for the them. Anyone have a similar process in place.

    I'm thinking some questions that they would know. Also, I need a place to list the answers.

    I"m going to give this the helpdesk to carry out, but I have to put the process in place.

    okay, just had an idea, I know there are rules for "Setting Owner info" for the bb's but does anyone know if there is a rule that will prevent the info from being displayed on the device?

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    Re: help

    I can't help here really, but wanted to bump it up on the list for visibility

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    Re: help

    Why dont you allow the users to choose their own passwords, so they will remember them easier. If they forget it then you can reset it?

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