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    Hard Delete Reconciliation Not Working?


    Disclaimer: I'm not an IT guy and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express...

    So a few weeks ago my company gave me a 'berry. I love it BUT it was not syncing items deleted or moved to private folders. My IT staff was clueless and I researched it myself, the solution of course is to turn on "Hard Delete Reconciliation".

    My IT guys swear that they turned on that feature yet the problem persists. Yes, my 'berry is set for "mailbox wins" and "delete on handheld and mailbox" etc.

    What, if anything, are we missing?



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    This feature is disabled by default. You IT guy may have enabled it, but the question is has he restart the Blackberry Server Services after he made the changes? You may want to check with your IT guy again.

    Doc ID : KB04853
    In BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1, Hard Deletes Reconciliation can be enabled so that messages permanently deleted in Microsoft Outlook are removed from the message list on the BlackBerry smartphone. This feature is disabled by default.

    The support for hard deletes uses a Message State Database stored in the computer memory. This database is enabled by default even if the Hard Deletes Reconciliation feature is disabled. By default, the last 100 email messages are tracked for hard delete support in the Message State Database, but this number can be changed.

    The Message State Database may be reset so that messages redirected to a BlackBerry smartphone during a previous BlackBerry Enterprise Server session will not be deleted, even if they are hard deleted in the BlackBerry smartphone user's mailbox. Any of the following actions will reset the Message State Database:
    • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Profesional Software is restarted.
    • The BlackBerry smartphone user is moved to another BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Professional Software.
    • The BlackBerry smartphone user's mailbox is moved to another Microsoft Exchange Server.
    • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator sends a Reload User command from BlackBerry Manager.
    To enable Hard Deletes Reconciliation
    If using BlackBerry Enterprise Server, complete the following steps:
    1. Open BlackBerry Manager.
    2. In the Explorer view, click Server.
    3. On the Server Configuration tab, click Edit Properties, then click Messaging.
    4. For the Hard Deletes Reconciliation option, choose True from the drop-down menu.
    5. Restart the BlackBerry Enterprise Server services.

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