We are currently running BES with Groupwise 7. We have just a single BES Server for our 80 users. It's a good machine but I would like to move/upgrade it for redundancy and improved performance. I guess my objectives are :

1. Move BES to a more powerful dual processor server.
2. Have a secondary BES server as fail-over.
3. Upgrade from to the latest version to tackle ongoing wireless activation and other issues.

What I was planning to do was the following :

1. Build new Windows 2003 Server and begin installation of BES (on new machine).
2. Point this new machine to the same configuration database - MS-SQL (old machine).
3. Perform upgrade - not sure what track to follow here.
4. Move users from old-machine to new machine.
5. Move SQL Server to new machine - later.

Some of my worries and questions are :

0. What are the precautions I need to take? I will take backups of the MSSQL Db and license keys etc.
1. When I attach a second BES server to the existing configuration database - will it change anything in the database?
2. Not quite sure how to perform upgrade - simply run the SP3 installer after finishing installation? Are there any other pre-requisites? Do I need to follow a sequence i.e. SP1 --> SP2 --> SP3?
3. Do I need to run the hot-fixes after SP3?
4. If my new BES installation or upgrade fails - will my old/existing BES continue to function.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.