Having synch issues with the above setup. Email/appts/etc will come in fine to Groupwise and will appear almost immediately on my BB. When I view messages on my BB, they don't synchronize back to the server showing that they have been read/deleted/etc until I do a manual reconciliation from my BB. When viewed/deleted/etc from Groupwise, those changes appear within 30 seconds on my BB. So, it appears synch is happening only 1 direction. Any ideas? Things appear to work better when I do a complete reboot of the GW server, but that doesn't last long. I'm thinking of upgrading or installing BES 4.1.3 to a new box that will run Server 2003 (current box is Server 2000 SP4). Also, since we have only 5 users currently and I don't anticipate more than 10 anytime soon, I was thinking of using MSDE instead of SQL. Thoughts?? TIA