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    Guide to: MDS


    What is MDS Push Flow Control

    The BlackBerry Mobile Service (MDS) contains built in flow control used when pushing data to a BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.

    MDS will send 5 packets at a time to a BlackBerry and wait until they are acknowledged at the transport level before sending any additional packets. The default packet size depends on the MDS version, which is 29k for MDS version 1.0 and 8k or 2k for MDS version 1.1. The packet size is configurable via the IPPP.Datagram.Maxsize parameter in file located on the BlackBerry MDS Server. The 5 packets setting is not configurable and each of the 5 packets must be acknowledged before another packet is sent; otherwise the next push connection will be subject to a timeout.

    If MDS has queued up 5 packets and the BlackBerry is not responding (due to being out of coverage, powered off, etc.) these 5 packets will be queued up for 10 minutes (this value can be configured in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Administration Tool under Flow Control Timeout). After 10 minutes the packets sent to the BlackBerry will be cancelled and the outstanding packets in MDS will be discarded.

    Subsequent pushes will be queued up in MDS, but only for the timeout period specified in the IPPP.connection.timeout parameter in the config file located on the MDS Server. If that value is greater then Flow Control Timeout then the push packets will be canceled when FlowControlTimeout is triggered. So if IPPP.connection.timeout value is set to 2 minutes, then subsequent pushes will expire after 2 minutes. If this timeout is increased to a very high value, then FlowControlTimoeut is triggered and the packets will be cancelled and discarded in 10 min.

    The advantage to increasing the IPPP.connection.timeout parameter and FlowControlTimoeut is that it allows more push data to queue up, per user. The disadvantage is that this queued up push data requires disk space to store.

    The advantage to increasing the Datagram.MaxSize parameter is that larger amounts of push data can be queued. If the timeout parameter is increased there is no real advantage to increasing the Max Packet Size.
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    Re: What is MDS?

    I was hoping somebody would tell us, thanks vipe!

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    Re: What is MDS?

    Wow that impressed me!!


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    Re: Guide to: MDS

    just down loaded the mds but dont kno how to use it need help

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