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Hello all, I was told to post this in here, instead of the media section: ... Server Admins forum

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    Fun with BES?


    Hello all,

    I was told to post this in here, instead of the media section:

    "Hello all, 1st post but I've been lurking here for a while. Great site.

    Here's a good one for you. We have just got our 1st BES, which is great for pushing out policies, etc., but I'm looking to push out a custom profile.

    Here's the deal. We have a Purchasing Manager who we all like to play pranks on, and I've got a great little ringtone that would be funny to set off on his blackberry when he receives his email.

    Problem is that, like most users, he doesn't leave the thing out of the holster.

    Any way to push out the ringtone and set it as the default profile message theme?"

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    Re: Fun with BES?

    I can´t help much with BES, (or at all really) but in looking for a ringtone I could here in a loud crowded mall I found this one:

    If what you´re looking for is possible then this would be a good one to use if you don´t already have one in mind.

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    Re: Fun with BES?

    I am aware of no wat to push and set a ringtone on BES. If I come across anything I will let you know.
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