I've been searching and trying all over the place but so far without any luck; I really hope someone here might be able to help out.

We're running a 3 server BES environment (v4.1.6.16) and since a few months I've been seeing several users who suddenly no longer had "Inbox" enabled for Folder Redirection. Took me a while before I figured the first one out ("It suddenly stopped receiving mail - sending is OK") especially since the 'problem' stays even after re-activating the device (the server remembers the setting, as it should).

After this occurance in December I've had this same person come back a nr of times, and have also seen a few other people with the same problem. Officially I'm not really in 1st line IT support anymore, so don't even know how many calls have been logged for this issue, but I'm afraid it's getting out of hand. None of the ones I've seen had been playing around with any settings, and I believe them as they are not "IT people" and wouldn't go 3 levels deep into menus, changing options and then lie about it (multiple times). Unfortunately one of the victims is our CEO - he's definitely not going through any BB options and yet this has happened to him 3 times already!

We don't use any BB desktop manager software (double checked his machine) and neither do we have any forced policies in place (other than for a password and company address). Any ideas as to what else could be causing this?

Any hints or tips would be very much appreciated; cheers,