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    I'm trying to setup a filter for my CFO to only allow in-house emails to reach her 8800. We have Exchange 2000 and BES 4.1. Can wildcards be used in creating filters? In other words, if I create a filter with all the members of the Global Address Book with a Forward action, and a filter with *@*.* with a Hold action, will that accomplish what I wnat?

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    Theres an easier way. If she only wants in-house emails, go into the email options on her device, and at the top for "If no filters apply, send email to handheld?" change the option to "No".

    Next create a new filter, and in the from line put *; and under Action, change the option to "Forward". Once you save the filter, the only emails she should get are in house emails.

    One note, if there are other filters set up to allow emails to get through, they may make it. I think the filters are applied in order.

    An advantage of doing it this way is your CFO can undo it herself anytime she wants.
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