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    Filter does not forward to device


    I have a rule where if a high priority message comes from a specific email address it should be forwarded to by Blackberry as a Level 1 message.

    Level 1 messages are configured to play a certain tone on my BB and I'm not getting anything.

    I read on pinstack somewhere that the email address for filtering on the BES is case-sensitive. If that's the case I am going to have to edit the SMTP addresses for a number of objects in Active Directory to be all lowercase because I cannot seem to enter an uppercase email address in the BES filter rule.

    Anyone else seen this issue?


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    If i understand your question you are unable to enter in caps on the BES in the filter section? I created all my filters on the handheld, and they replicated to BES filter section.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, I put them in the phone as UserName@domain and the SMTP address in AD are listed as username@domain. My level 1 filters are working, so I do not see an issue with case sensitive.
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