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We recently migrated to exchange abd are still in the testing mode. Being one of ... Server Admins forum

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    Exchange problems


    We recently migrated to exchange abd are still in the testing mode. Being one of the ginny pigs I was second to be migrated and now I have these issues. First when told to activate my BB on the new BES i had to erase everything on my BB and now I can't restore it. Maybe because our BES was Lotus Domino. Also, I am unable to synch my address book. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Exchange problems

    I had a similar problem when I switched Exchange hosts. I eventually realized that wireless sync had been turned on for Contacts and Calendar. Once I turned wireless sync off, I was able to do a restore via usb. Those settings can be found in the Options for each of the applications.

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    Re: Exchange problems

    The most common cause of an address book not syncing via wireless is because you have one or more contacts in your book with no company name AND no first/last name. For some reason the records that are missing this info will refuse to sync and you'll get a message during activation saying your address book failed.

    Open Outlook, go to your contacts, and then go to View->Arrange By->Current View and put it into Phone List. This is the easiest way to find the records with the missing info. When you're done fixing the missing fields, you can switch back to whatever view you want.

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    Re: Exchange problems

    I beleive that users that we're on the Lotus BES will have to wipe and reactivate. The database that BES uses differes between those two platfroms.

    i may be wrong on this one though, i've only used exchange from scratch on bes.

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