Dear All,

I have a very strange little problem with 1 user on my BES.

we have recently migrated the client from sbs 2003 with the BES installed on the same box to SBS 2008 with the BES installed on a seperate 2003 box.

I performed the knife edge cutover onto the new server and everything worked perfectly all the users are up and running with no problems at all.

The only roblem is that one user who poles POP email from the SBS server. For some reason, when the bes has message redirection enabled for that user, when they pole POP3 via outlook they recieve 2 copies of each message in their outlook client. If i disable redirection they recieve one.

They are the only user that is set up to recieve email via POP so I don't know if the same behaviour is displayed for other users.

I can't figure out whats going on, it's like the messaging agent is messing with the read/unread tag and outlook is getting confused about the messages.

Does anyone have any idea what coue be causing the multiple messages?