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    Question Error during Enterprise Activation


    I have installed a few BES Servers without any problem.

    But, this one is giving me a lot of grief.

    It is a new install on Windows 2003 SBS. I have installed BES 4.1.

    The server is NOT a direct mail receiver, it uses the POP3 Connector to reach out and POP another mailbox.

    I get the Enterprise Activation to start (after starting the activation make sure to force the server to pop the actual mail server to get the file it needs to start). But, after a few minutes, I get "Could not activate. IT Policy is restricting delivery."

    I have looked at the IT Policies and they are default - as a matter of fact, the total server is a default install.

    Any advice?

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    Re: Error during Enterprise Activation

    I assume you are getting this error on the blackberry itself right? If so it sounds like the phone is used and has an existing IT Policy setup. Hold on and I'll find the instructions to do that.

    Quote Originally Posted by jhowle View Post
    Removing an IT Policy

    Since my phone had one on it i wanted to remove it and here is how. now if you did the unlocking procedure and you removed the blackberry desktop software, please reinstall it and restart the computer before continuing. The first thing you need to do is download a file called POLICY.BIN , simply copy this text into address box of your browser to download it

    if the link is somehow broken let me know and i can e-mail it to you or you can check out the owners site which is at the bottem of this thread. Now when the download box appears it needs to be saved and left the (C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry) on your hard drive. Next you need to hit the start button and goto the run option in the start menu and type in REGEDIT and it the enter key. when the registry editor opens go to directory HKEY_Current_Users\Software\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\PolicyManager only click the plus sign by the required to get the the correct one. The next step is to Right-Click the Policy Manager Folder and select New/String Value. Name the value Path. Now, Double-Click the Path Subkey and set Value Data. When the box appears copy this text C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\policy.bin and paste it in the required spot and save it and close the registry and sync your device and it will remove the IT Policy. As mentioned before all of this is a direct quote and can be found at
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