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    Question Enterprise Email Icon push from BES?


    While I actually prefer having a single Messages icon for all of my email, we regularly see posts that users are frustrated because there's no single icon for just their BES email.

    Well article KB15773 posted yesterday on BlackBerry Technical Solutions titled Enable the Enterprise-Only message icon in BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1.5 when there are multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances in the BlackBerry Domain says this:
    To enable the Enterprise-Only message icon for a BlackBerry Configuration Database that hosts multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Server instances, complete the following steps:
    1. Back up the BlackBerry Configuration Database. For instructions, see KB10292.
    2. On the computer hosting the BlackBerry Configuration Database, open a Command Prompt window, and type OSQL -E -S servername\instancename, where servername is the name of the server hosting the database and instancename is the name of the Microsoft SQL Server instance. If you are not using a Microsoft SQL Server instance, you can skip the -S parameter.
    3. Type the following OSQL commands:
            1> use <BESMgmt>
            2> go
            1> UPDATE ServerConfig SET BESOnlyMessages = 1 WHERE BESOnlyMessages = 0 and servicename = "<servicename>"
            2> go

      Where <BESMgmt> is the name of the BlackBerry Configuration Database, and <servicename> is the name of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server instance.
    4. Repeat Step 3 for each instance of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
    So am I reading this correctly in that it's possible for a BES Admin to push an icon typically named "Desktop" to a BES connected BlackBerry that will show only the BES email?

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    That's my understanding... with SP5 comes the ability to have a separate BES icon.

    I also seem to remember something regarding the name.. changing from "Desktop".

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