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Please I am trying do a enterprise activation in a model Pearl 8100 and the ... Server Admins forum

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    Enterprise activation fail


    I am trying do a enterprise activation in a model Pearl 8100 and the environment is Novell Groupwise with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server software version 4.1.
    I've already installed on Windows Server 2003 SP2, BlackBerry Enterprise Server with MDS Services and all are working fine (Controller, Router, Dispatcher, Collaboration Service and all started and running).
    The "SRP Status" of the server is "Connected".
    I can see all users from Groupwise Address Book.
    I've already assigned the device to the user.
    I´ve already checked the firewall and the anti-spam and all is not blocked.

    The log from MAGT is:

    " Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=33. Msgs Pending 0
    Get Mail {91} 47E14EAD.PRMS.PRMS_PO.100.1396F6D.1.1078F.1 from GroupWise
    PopulateRIMMessage MailSyncId=91, RefId=0, Delivered=Wed Mar 19 17:34:36 2008 GWID=47E14EAD.PRMS.PRMS_PO.100.1396F6D.1.1078F.1
    Queuing DATA from, Tag=-1392346402, EntryId=33
    Send() failed: ERR_FAIL, Tag=-1392346402
    Receiving packet from device, size=408, TransactionId=57613445, Tag=-1392346402, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:03.796):{0x17F4} *** OTAKEYGEN *** Initiating a new transaction, transID = 747894094
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:03.796):{0x17F4} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending ABORT_TRANSACTION, transID = 747894062
    Sending packet to device, Size=47, Tag=619, TransactionId=-941619870
    SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=619
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:03.796):{0x17AC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=619
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.093):{0x17A8} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=619
    Sending data to Dispatcher, size=332, Tag=620
    SendToDispatcher, Tag=620
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.203):{0x17AC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=620
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.203):{0x17F4} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving KEY_REQUEST, transID = 747894094
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.203):{0x17F4} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving ACTIVATION request, transID = 747894094
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.203):{0x17A8} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=620
    Sending data to Dispatcher, size=340, Tag=621
    SendToDispatcher, Tag=621
    Generating AES256 key
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.281):{0x17F4} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending KEY_ACCEPT transID = 747894094
    Sending packet to device, Size=248, Tag=622, TransactionId=-941619869
    SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=622
    SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=-1392346402
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.281):{0x17AC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=621
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.281):{0x17AC} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=622
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.281):{0x17AC} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=-1392346402
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.281):{0x17A8} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=621
    [45050] (03/19 17:34:04.328):{0x1798} DBNS: DbObject=200
    [40000] (03/19 17:34:04.484):{0x17A8} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=622 "

    Any idea? Thanks a lot.

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    Does the BlackBerry have a BES data plan?

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    Yes, I´m subscribed to a data plan (unlimited) with the wireless service provider from Brazil (Vivo). In this device I can use browser and web mail.

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