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I have a Blackberry 8100 on the at&t network that I am trying to connect ... Server Admins forum

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    Enterprise Activation


    I have a Blackberry 8100 on the at&t network that I am trying to connect to the company Enterprise Server. I'm the server administrator and never have any problems connecting our company supplied Nextel 7100i Blackberry devices to the server. This particular Blackberry belongs to an employee that has been given permission to use her personal Blackberry instead of the company provided Nextel.

    This would be the only non-Nextel Blackberry on the server if I could get it to work. From all of the documentation I have read as well as a quick non-tech support call to RIM this should work.

    When I start the Enterprise Activation all I get is:


    and it will just sit there for as long as you allow it. It does not appear to even be attempting contact. On all the 7100i phones that we have you get that message for about 5 seconds to about a minute depending on traffic and then it proceeds to do the activation. This server is virtualized and unavailable for a direct USB connection / activation.

    This user has been activated on a 7100i in the past and it worked just fine with their account. Is there something I could be missing or that I need to do differently? Is this even possible, or am I chasing a unicorn? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re: Enterprise Activation

    you know if it got RIM access? can you browse sites with the browser?
    try to register the device with the RIM network. Options -> advanced -> host routing. Register.

    You should get a confirmation message soon afterwards.

    Thats what I can provide, but thers way more experienced users here than me.. that hopefully can help you more

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    Re: Enterprise Activation

    I've had the same issue with some carriers.

    The user needs to call her wireless carrier and verify that she has the Blackberry Corporate Data Plan. Chances are she doesn't. Even if she has requested it, a lot of CR's still activate the regular consumer plans, and not the Corporate plan. She may need to talk to a Blackberry Specialist, or a Data Plan Specialist.

    Then there is the provisioning time. Sprint and Nextel can take up to 4 hours to provision the phone, at least that's been my experiences with them. AT&T is usually immediate.

    If the phone has been provisioned, she may need to reset the Blackberry.


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    Re: Enterprise Activation

    Spydertech is correct. Sprint has a bb data plan that can't be activated on a BES nor be used as PAM for 30 bucks.

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    Re: Enterprise Activation

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