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    Question Employee Termination/Personal BB Device: What to do?


    Employee Terminations with regard to a company owned device is pretty easy. You can just lock the the BB device and recover it when the employee turns in the rest of their company owned equipment.

    What do you do if the employee owns the BB device they are using with a company BES? How do you remotely 'wipe' the company data from the device without 'killing' the employees BB they personally own?

    Can anyone tell me what company data would be retained on the BB device if the employees account were simply deleted from the BES? Does the BB device retain company emails when deleted from the corporate BES? Does the BB device retain the company Name and Address Book?

    I've found information in 'Best Practices' concerning company owned BB devices and employee termination, but it doesn't address 'personal' devices on a company BES.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    This is the issue with letting employees use personal devices on your corporate infrastructure. The best thing to do is to put language in your employment contracts / acceptable use practices that clearly states if an employee decides to connect their personal devices to the corporate network, should they decide to leave the company it's standard procedure to remote wipe their device (regardless of what personal data may be on there). This way employees have a clear understanding of what will happen when they leave, and backing up their device becomes their responsibility.

    To that same note though, if you wipe it who's to say they haven't done a backup of it already anyway (which they could then just restore to get to email and other info). Until you get that language into your company policy you're probably fine just deleting them from the BES.
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    I agree with what JcampNR mentioned as well. My company has just recently changed its policy against personal devices on our BES servers now to make it easier.

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    I agree, I would have the policy set and and just remove there device from BES. I would 1st assign them the default policy as to remove any setting that you might haqve pushed down to there device.

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    I wipe their devices from the BES. They know the rules when they put it on and if they don't like it, too damn bad. For the ones that really complain, I put in an IT policy that locks down their phone also as well as anything else i can think of at the time.
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