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Hi, just new in the group, I am just hoping that somebody can help us ... Server Admins forum

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    Question emails doesn't reconcile


    Hi, just new in the group, I am just hoping that somebody can help us with our current system problem. We are using the BES set up with version 4.1 software, most of our handsets are the 8700g and 8707g. Lately, most of our users are experiencing email reconcilliation problem. When they delete messages on their mailbox, it doesn't delete on the handset and vise-versa unless they hit the "reconcile now" function on the option. The handset setting are all set to delete on mailbox and handset. Appreciate your advise, thanks.


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    Moving thread to BES Admin forum. You may get an answer quicker there.

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    It has always been my understanding that Deleting a message, reading a message, and filing a message is not considered priority. If the change was made in the Blackberry, then there will be delayed interval of when the change will be reconciled. I have always heard conflicting reports on what the interval of time actually is.

    If "Reconcile Now" is working, then sounds like everything should be working as designed.

    Can you confirm whether it has been hours or days with no reconcile of your deleted messages, without "Reconcile now"?

    I am sure a true BES Admin will come along with more info.

    Hope this was helpful. Good luck.

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    In BES Manager check user configuration for individuals, 'PIM sync' tab, 'Message Settings'. You will find if
    1. sync is enabled on the server(True/False)
    2. on the device(you can't change that from server, only from device)
    3. Sync type - it should be set to 'Bidirectional'
    4. Conflict resolution. I prefer to set this to 'Server wins'.
    If this does not resolve it, pls post more info such as
    • what's the messaging platform
    • does it ever reconcile on it's own and how long it takes

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    Sounds to me like you dont have either the server/desktop software or the blackberry set to use auto reconciliation and to choose which device wins.

    If you use the desktop manager/server software you should probably configure the message reconciliation option for email to "mailbox wins" so that your desktop pc is the ultimate gatekeeper of email.

    Then using your blackberry, go to your messages folder and click the menu button, choose options/email reconciliation and configure the following settings:

    Delete On: Mailbox & Handheld
    Wireless reconcile: on
    on conflicts: mailbox wins

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