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Hi All, I am the admin of a BES with about 470BB's, and can not ... Server Admins forum

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    Emailing Syncing


    Hi All,
    I am the admin of a BES with about 470BB's, and can not get the Blackberrys to synchronize there email.
    It will work for some users, and then just stop working. It is set to a 1 way sync.
    So if a user deleted in there outlook it should remove it from there Blackberry. But that is not always the case. Even a reconcile won't update it.

    This happens with any of our 5-6 different models with 2 different carriers. So I don't believe it's the phone, and I don't believe it's the carrier.

    I am running BES 4.1, I have made sure the 2 Dll files are both the same.
    What other things can I check or would cause this. I know some of our users experience poor reception in some of our buildings but it should still eventually synchronize... correct?

    Thanks for any input you have!

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    Re: Emailing Syncing

    First, BES email does not synchronize, it reconciles. What's on your BlackBerry is NOT a replication of what's on your email server.

    Second, if an item is permanently deleted, it will NOT be deleted on the BlackBerry. Only items the BES can "see" get deleted (by going into the Deleted Items folder in an Exchange environment) will be deleted on the BlackBerry if the BlackBerry is set that way (under Email Reconciliation - Delete On is set to Mailbox & Handheld, and Wireless Reconcile is set to On). Incidentally, this is also the case if email is moved to either an unmonitored folder or an Archive file. The message will not be deleted on the BlackBerry.

    Next, even when everything is set correctly, deletes from the Mail Server are not instantly pushed to the BlackBerry. The BES will wait for some other more critical "event" and transmit the change then.

    Finally, make sure the Mailboxes are "clean". In an Exchange / Outlook environment, that means clearing ALL Sync Issues, AND make sure there are no Conflicts in the Calendar. See my post here for details on that.

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