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I have a restaurant website. The functionality of that site is searching for food items(in ... Server Admins forum

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    Do I need to have BES for developing internet applcns.


    I have a restaurant website. The functionality of that site is searching for food items(in a particular hotel) and ordering it. I am developing a stand alone version which can be installed on the blackberry device. Users registered with the web version can use the stand alone blackberry version, with the same authentication details as of the web version.

    The question I would like to ask is
    1) What all softwares I need to host this application?
    2) Are these softwares free or payable?
    3) If it is free, where can I download these softwares from?
    4) If it is not free, what are the price details? Are there any alternatives other than purchasing(any hosting agencies?).
    5) Do i need to have these hosting softwares during the development phase or can I check the applications with the emulator while we develop?

    Thanks in advance for all the valuable help and comments.


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    Not sure about the software but having a BES server is not required to setup a website for use on a BlackBerry.
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    If you are looking to develope software, I think you have a lot to learn.

    If you plan on having a server host some application you are building, you will also need to build software for the server side. You can use any computer really to host it during the development stages, and once it goes in to production, it's probably suggested you have someone else host it.

    But maybe I'm not understanding your question. Is it going to be all web based, if so, then you can just build it like a regular website (formated for a Blackberry), and then host it on any webserver.

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