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    Difference between Desktop Manager settings and BES.Which takes precedence?


    I had a user recently report that he was no longer receiving emails on his 8830. I checked the BES and looked at his account and Filter Rules were gone (no items) and the Default Action was set to 'False', meaning that if no Filter Rules applied, then do not forward messages to the 8830.

    I flipped the False to True and, lo and behold, email started flowing.

    We configure all of our users at their desktop using Desktop Manager so that they can synchronize some public folder contacts in Outlook, etc.

    I have no global filters set on the BES, so I am assuming that the filter settings I saw on the malfunctioning 8830 came from either Desktop Manager or from the 8830 itself.

    That said, what filter settings supersede those on the BES?
    What is the mechanism for updating the filter settings from the client side? Is it just when Desktop Manager is connected via USB to the 8830 or is it over the air somehow when the device talks to the BES?

    Hope that makes sense.


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    make sure that the person doesnt have any filters turned on within there outlook client itself. That also can cause issues on top of the device and BES

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