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I support 7100 and 8700 Blackberry users on an Enterprise Server. Everything has been great ... Server Admins forum

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    Question Delays with 8700s


    I support 7100 and 8700 Blackberry users on an Enterprise Server.
    Everything has been great for months than yesterday we experienced some connection issues on the part of Rogers. Not sure if this is related to my problem but I thought I would add it.

    Today my 7100s work but my 8700s are experiencing delays receiving their e-mails. They won't get any e-mails than all of a sudden all of their e-mails will come in at once.

    I called Rogers support and they are going to have a BES tech call me back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Please!!

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    i have been hearing alot about delays with BES lately. i dont think its anything on your part.

    i dont have very much BES expierence but someone will be along to give you some more insight

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    I'm currently on a BES.. I haven't noticed any slow downs at all.... who knows.

    Dr. Woo

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    ~via BB (

    I've been experiencing the exact same issue for over a month now. I'm on Rogers BIS.

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    Issue with 8700 series

    I've had about a dozen 8703e units, all replacements for 7100 and 7500 series devices. Some did not work on Enterprise Activation and others have started to fail. The failure manifests as bunched-up message deliveries. The provider here is Verizon, we host our own BES, and it is only affecting our 8703e. It appears the number transfers did not go well either from Nextel to Verizon or within Verizon. Have your provider check the service and settings for the 8700 they are different from the older units. Sorry but the feedback that was most helpful came directly from RIM and they appear to be out for the holidays.

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    Re: Delays with 8700s

    Delays in email are not device specific when it comes to users on a BES.

    Some things to check for....

    1) Are your users all on the same server? If not then are the ones having the issue on the same Exchange server?
    2) What is your ping response when you ping the Exchange server from the BES? RIM recommends under 30ms
    3) Are you running the same versions of mapi32.dll and cdo.dll on both your BES and Exchange Server?
    4) Were there updates of any sort done to either the BES or Exchange?
    5) Do you have a separate account setup for the BES and have you ensure all permissions are set correctly for it (RIM KB-02276)?
    6) If all the above is fine then reboot your BES

    PS - RIM doesn't shut down for the holidays

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