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    Curious.. I'm from the East coast. If I happen to go on a trip to let's say Texas or Germany on a business trip & I have certain appointments back home at let's say 10am EST. While I'm in Germany or Texas, I've noticed that the time zone doesn't automatically change. I would have to go to Options/Date & Time to edit it.
    If I do that, will the computer back at work send me the appointment 10 am eastern time or to the new time zone I'm currently going in??
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    Having to manually adjust the time on your phone, which BB requires you to do, is mainly for this exact purpose.

    If an appointment is added to your "normal" time zone, based on where your BES and Exchange server (or Linux or whatever you use) is located, it will send you appointments based on your local time and your BB will convert it to your current time zone.

    i.e., an appointment added for 10am Pacific time would show up on your BB @ 12 noon Central time if you were in Texas.
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