Here is the answer I got from dataviz

Hi Vincent,

Glad to hear you've been pleased with Documents To Go in the past. Hopefully you'll be equally happy with the BlackBerry version when its available.

The press release you're referring to isn't ours. That was a statement from RIM. Unfortunately I can't really speak to their plans when it comes to feature sets for BES vs. BIS users. That release was certainly intended more for the BES audience, but I wouldn't read too much into that quite yet. I'm sure they'll discuss their plans for BIS as well before too long.

As far as devices, again we're probably not the best resource for that info. I do believe OS 4.5 will be a requirement for these features, but I do not know if/when an OS update might be made available to devices currently in market (that will likely involve the carriers so it's difficult for me to say what might happen there).

Sorry that I can't give you the specific information you are looking for. You might try getting in touch with someone at RIM; they would be much better equipped to answer your questions.

As far as Documents To Go is concerned, as long as you are signed up for the announcement list and take a look at our website or blog every now and then you'll be up to date. Actually, I just posted some screenshots to our company blog earlier today. Take a look when you have a moment and feel free to pass this info along to your fellow stackers

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