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    Content Protection on a BES why?


    I am running a BES and some of the VPs think we need to enable content protection. I'm trying to build a case against it because I know being on the BES our devices are secure. I force a password with a certain length and give five attempts to unlock it. After that the device wipes. We also use MDS and tunnel all traffic through it. I can argue that content protection will slow the devices down and cause more problems with impatient users. Any thoughts, suggestions? Thanks.
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    We normally recommend content protection as it helps protecting stolen devices. You can compare that to harddisk encryption. If a device gets stolen and someone connects your memory to a different device all your e-mails, calendar data and documents can be read.

    So, it depends a bit on which industry you are working in, I would definitely recommend content protection for banks and insurances. In general, when confidatial data is stored on the BB, content protection is the way to protect it.

    I don't really see slowdown in performance (we are using Bolds). Only shortly after activation, you get a message for about 3 minutes saying that content protection is being enabled, but that's a one off.

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