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    Company Blackberries having issues syncing with Exchange Server



    One of my clients runs a small business with about 12 employees, 3 of which are using Blackberries on Sprint. They need the Blackberries to wirelessly two-way sync their emails, contacts, tasks, and calendar.

    The old IT guy set up a Windows 2008 Small Business Server running Exchange Server. He also set up Blackberry Enterprise Server on that same server (not sure if it is the Lite version or not because the company does not recall paying for the Enterprise software).

    They are having issues wirelessly syncing their Blackberries with the exchange server. For one device, emails have synced in the past but stopped syncing and calendars and tasks do not sync at all. The other Blackberries do not sync period.

    The old IT guy said that something was corrupt and he 'fixed' it which is very vague and told the client that it was now working properly, but that is clearly not the case.

    My expertise with Blackberries and Blackberry Enterprise Server is nonexistent and I am just trying to help this guy out.

    Could somebody please guide me in troubleshooting their issues?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to the forums, htrieu! I've moved your post to a more appropriate forum where I will see if we can get one of our resident BES experts to have a look.

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