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Hello everybody, Before the Service pack 5 for BES I was able to connect on ... Server Admins forum

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    Cannot connect to mds admin website after SP5


    Hello everybody,

    Before the Service pack 5 for BES I was able to connect on a local website on URL https://<bes>:7443/mds

    Now in BES 4.1.5 (for Exchange), the URL shown on MDS integration service in Blackberry Manager is https://<bes>:7443/mds-admin. When I connect to this website on Internet Explorer, I have to enter credentials for MDSIS-Security (username by default is admin), but after authentication I get the error message "Web page cannot be found". Certificate for the BES is installed in trusted root certification authorities.

    On Blackberry Manager the MDS integration service is OK as I can see the status page without problem, it's only the website that doesn't work anymore.
    I have the same problem after a fresh install of BES 4.1.5 on a fresh installed 2003 R2 Server. This is not a blocking problem as the MDS works witout problem, but I find that weird.
    Does anybody know why the Apache website doesn't work anymore for MDS Integration Service ? (it works for MDS-CS on http://<bes>:8080)

    Thank you for your feedback

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    hi schimble, I am having the same issues. I can see that the server is working by going to https://<bes>:7443/mds-admin/services/AdminMgmt?wsdl and I can see all the functions available. I however cant view the MDS integration service in the Blackberry manager as it cant find the server.

    On the devices the MDS icon appears and pretty much indicates that it is working correctly. With the upgrade I seem to have lost my installed applications as well so I cant test them or reinstall them as I cant access the MDS integration service.

    I would appreciate any help that can be given as to what the correct URL may be or where I may have gone wrong.


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    Did anyone resolve this?

    BES Admin, BB User, Factotum
    Curve 8320 OS: (338) on T-mobile
    BES v4.1.5 w/Lotus 7.0.2

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