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Hello everyone - Everything except for the Calendar part of my BES setup is syncing.. ... Server Admins forum

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    Calendar not wirelessly syncing..?


    Hello everyone -

    Everything except for the Calendar part of my BES setup is syncing.. it syncs down to my Blackberry without isseus - but if I create a new event or edit an existing event on the Blackberry then it'll be rare for it to get synced to the server..

    Any ideas?

    Anyone who is familiar and willing to discuss/help me with BES, add me to your BB Messenger! Cheers :)

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    Re: Calendar not wirelessly syncing..?

    First, on your BlackBerry, go into the Calendar, click the wheel (or Menu button) and select Options. Make sure Wireless Synchronization (at the bottom) is set to Yes. Don't know why, but it seems like it turns itself off sometimes!

    Second, go into Outlook's calendar, and switch to Events view, then customize the view - hit the Filters button, go to Advanced, and delete the filter. Now go to the Events list (which should now be showing everything in the calendar) and look for a yellow icon in the left column. This is a conflict. Double click it and resolve it (so there is no longer a yellow icon). You should also do the same with the Address Book, although there the Phone List view should work unmodified. These conflicts can screw up synchronization. Reboot (pull the battery) the device if you do find them and the calendar still doesn't sync. Give it at least 30 minutes to start syncing.

    If neither of the above fix it, go to (Settings/Tools -->) Options --> Advanced Options --> Service Books. Find the Desktop[CICAL] service book. Have your BES Admin resend it, or simply plug into a computer with Desktop Manager set up - it will come down automatically.

    Option 3 - Wipe the device (Settings/Tools -->) Options --> Security Options --> General Options, Click the Wheel/Menu button and select Wipe Handheld, and then do an Enterprise Activation.

    If all else fails, repeat option 3, but before turning the wireless on, have the BES account deleted and re-provisioned.

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    Re: Calendar not wirelessly syncing..?

    ~via BB (
    Let us know which if any of these suggestions work for you.

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    Re: Calendar not wirelessly syncing..?

    Having similar problem. I can get items to sync from outlook to the devices wirelessly, but items added to the blackberry will not update outlook. None of fixes above worked. Any other ideas

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