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    Post Calendar Items marked as Tentatively Accepted


    So this seems to be new (at least with BES for Exchange 4.1 SP4 MR4, possibly MR2) that some calendar items are getting marked as 'tentatively accepted' when no action is done by the user with Wireless Calendar synchronization turned on.

    To replicate this problem:
    1. Have at least 5 items (mail tends to be the easiest) pending to the handheld (easily done when you turn off your device, or are the good airline passenger and disable your radio).
    2. Have someone then send a meeting request to you.
    3. Turn on your device/enable radio
    4. Ensure that all mail has been delievered to your device
    5. Check your Outlook calendar for the meeting... Does it show Tentatively Accepted?
    We have talked to RIM about this problem and they are able to replicate it, but since only 2 companies have brought it to their attention, in their mind it's not worth releasing a new MR or HF and will wait for a new SP (not the next one already in testing).

    If any other BES admins are seeing this behavior, you are not alone. Call RIM and let them know how this issue affects your users, maybe we can get this higher on their radar... Or not, it's up to you.
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    Re: Calendar Items marked as Tentatively Accepted

    I've seen it. It puts it on your calendar temporarily until you either accept it or decline it. It basically lets you know whether you have any conflicting appointments or not. If you decline it, it will no longer show in your calendar.

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