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Hi, I have installed the Poynt ( ) application on my Bold device. When ... Server Admins forum

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    Browser is disabled by IT policy message


    I have installed the Poynt ( application on my Bold device.

    When trying to view a movie trailer get the messages
    "Browser is disabled by IT policy"
    and then
    "Uncaught exception; java.lang.null.Pointer.exception"

    Device: Bold with OS 4.6
    Connected to BES with no restrictions (has full BES Admin group rights). My BES administrators cannot figure it out.
    Works fine, can view the movie trailer, when connected via WiFI -
    All other functions of Poynt work fine

    Everything else works fine, browsing, Telmap GPS, google via WiFi or not.

    Poynt support suggested to speak to my BES admin

    Any ideas how to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated


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    Well that is a pretty generic error message. Try this though... Delete the service book: "Blackberry Help! [Browser Config]" and then press and hold ALT and then press L G L G and this will bring up your Event Log. Press the BlackBerry button and bring up the menu and clear the event log.

    Then do a reboot of the device and try your website again. Post back if this doesn't resolve anything and we'll keep troubleshooting.
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