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    Blocked mailbox agent/threads - delay in mails


    Hi All,

    Current setup -

    BES - 4.1 SP3 HF2
    Exchnage - Mixed 2000 and 2003 (total 90 + exchange servers across globe)
    SQL 2005 SP2

    For the last two to three months I have been getting a lot of blocked worker thread errors on my BES, and almost all of them come from Blackberry users in NAM region.which causes message delays.In most of the cases users are not receiving the mails for 15 days.

    Just to let you know that this problem is only for NAM users,all other users from other regions are not reporting any problems.

    I have checked the latency between BES and exchange in NAM its between 150-200.which high but we have exchange located in China region which are even higher latency 200 +,but those users are working fine.

    MAPI and CDO dll version are fine,BES has higher version MAP and CDO dll versions.

    BES is currently using 5 dynamic mailbox agents,to which multiple exchange servers are assigned.

    I tried to setup Static mailbox agent ids,but it works for 2 days and problem pops up again.Also its RIMs suggets that

    To release these block thread I tried rebooting the server which works but again after few days threads goes in the block stage.

    Is there any way out to release these block threads from exchange or blackberry ?
    Can I increase or control or configure dynamic mailbox agents ?

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    My company experienced the same thing. We got a bunch of blocked worker threads. What we ended up doing is setting up static agents. We setup 1 agent for every 5 users. That way if you experience blocked threads for a user it doesn't affect everyone on the server. It only blocks those on that agent. Blackberry support always says we don't support this configuration and whenever we do have an issue they always try to blame it on the config but since we made this change our server has been almost flawless.

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    Re: Blocked mailbox agent/threads - delay in mails

    You should be able to see what the process id is of the agent that is hung and then just kill the specific agent. The controller will then restart the agent and the users will be fine until you run into problems talking to that exchange server again.

    Increasing the number of agents like the post above said is the best if you can't collocate your BES and exchange servers. But in your case having 90 BES is not really an option. We have 64 exchange servers at three sites and we have 6 exchange servers per BES and it works pretty well.

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