I own a couple of Internet domains, exclusively for Family e-mail purposes, and in the "near future" I plan to setup some sort of dedicated e-mail server, primarily to synchronize contacts between a user's computer and mobile device...

One of the "preferred features" I'd like is BlackBerry compatibility, but to date the high cost of a BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES) has put me off, and I haven't had a chance to check-out the new BES-in-a-box (aka. "BlackBerry Professional") yet.

So I'm browsing around the "mobile" version of BerryReview.com (http://www.berryreview.com) and find mention of a "BlackBerry family solution"...

Sounds interesting, so I follow the link and see what they're talking about:

There was also a link to a Research in Motion (RIM) site with additional information:

Fantastic, this could be just the thing I'm looking for!

I still have a few unanswered questions though, and I'm hoping that someone on here might be able to answer them for me...

* When is BlackBerry Unite expected to become available in Australia?
* What are the minimum or recommended system requirements for BlackBerry Unite, and are Apple computers supported?
* It is specified that "dual calendars" requires BlackBerry OS 4.3 - does this requirement extend "across the board", or is it just for this one particular feature?
* Is this a "real" e-mail server (like an enterprise solution), or does it resemble an individual solution and "sit in the middle"?
* Are multiple domains supported on the one BlackBerry Unite server?
* Does BlackBerry Unite offer "REAL push" e-mail (like an enterprise solution, instantaneously), or is it "sorta push" e-mail (like an individual solution, about every 10-15 minutes)
* Can each user have private, seperately synchronized contacts, or do they (the contacts) HAVE to be shared between all users?
* With the "shared multimedia", is the "shared multimedia" stored on the server and streamed to compatible devices, or is it stored on the server an download at the user's request?
* In terms of overall functionality, how does BlackBerry Unite differ to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), and also a BlackBerry Individual Solution (BIS)?

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